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Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Yesterday in my travels around Danville, Virginia I was in a rainstorm brought on by Tropical Storm Beryl. I was coming into town with sunshine ahead but raindrops on my windshield. I was in the right space to look for a rainbow.

I was not disappointed! I saw a small section of the arc and decided to pull into a parking lot to track the rest of the bow. Wow! It was one of the largest rainbows I have seen in years. Full of color and glory. I just did not have time to look for the pot of gold, though.

Yet this act of nature still reminds me of God’s provision. Just like He promised Noah of what He would do after the flood, I was reassured that He is still looking after me. In spite of all the dark clouds and storms of life, God is there. Thanks again for the sign, Lord.

Who is your Tonto today?

Harold J. Smith may have been born this day back in 1919. It’s hard to nail down a correct day for actors in Hollywood! They seem to fudge their ages just as bad as we do!
Maybe you remember Harold better as the Indian friend, Tonto, to the Lone Ranger of the 1950’s movies and TV series. Jay Silverheels was always helping the Masked Man in all his Western adventures. He never got the lead role, but the Lone Ranger could not do his job well without Tonto by his side.
Come to think of it, the Lone Ranger was never really Lone. Tonto was constantly there. You could not separate the two in your mind. Even the Bible had their pairs. Moses and Aaron and later Joshua. Elijah and Elisha. Paul and Silas. God knew we needed someone else to help us out. When you feel like a “lone ranger” in doing church today, just remember that there are probably more Tontos out there giving you support than you really know. They may not be very vocal, but you really can’t do without them. Find time today to give them a call or write them a note of encouragement.

Dreaming Your Dream Today!

If you were around 20 years ago today in 1990, you might recall one of the most creative and fond farewells to a show in TV history. It was on this day that the last episode of “Newhart” aired on CBS-TV. For those of us who recall it, Bob Newhart awoke from a deep sleep in his bed to tell his TV wife, Suzanne Pleshette from one of his former sitcoms, that he had a bad dream. It was hilarious!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have life go by as a dream? All our troubles would be minimal. Our heartaches would disappear. But life is not like that at all. Whether we like it or not, life sometimes deals us a bad hand.

Yet we can get some things out of life. Are you in that dream job yet? If not, what are you doing to get there? What about your dreams for your church? What are you doing to have them become a reality? It is wonderful to dream! Just be careful to put action to those ideas or else you may wake up one day and all your dreams are gone!

Dust yourself off and get back in the game!

How many of you remember Bob Shaw, a baseball pitcher for the old Milwaukee Braves? He played with them only one year – 1963. The organization probably traded him the next year due to his five balks in a game on this day that season – a record!

Bob continued to play ball for other organizations for a few more years. Those errors on this day did not set him back. He got back up and did his job. A one day failure did not dictate his life. We can find a nugget of truth here.

Another encouraging point is that Bob has been forgiven for his mistakes. He doesn’t come to mind today in the baseball world about his pitching problems. People have moved on to other matters. When you fail at something, don’t feel bad about it today. In just a little while, people will forgive and life will go on. Now get back in the game!