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It Runs in the Family

Earlier this month I was sitting in Terminal C at LaGuardia Airport in New York City for a connecting flight to DFW. I had some time to wait. It gave me a good reason to get a bite to eat and experience New York for the first time.

I just so happened to be facing the hordes of people as they walked by. There was a shoe shine man that made everyone comfortable as they walked by. There were people of all walks of life, international languages spoken, and some creatures from who knows where!

It reminded me of the opportunities that we took Grandma Stevens out for a drive when I was growing up. When we got to a nearby city, we asked if she wanted to go in and shop. She turned us down and said that all she wanted to do was to watch the people go by. As a teenager, I thought that was strange. But as I grew older, I got it!

This situation also reminded me that Jesus said to look to the harvest for the laborers are few. I get it, Lord. May we all be found faithful this year as part of your family, too!

A good way to end the week!

Thursday we sent our monthly newsletter, the E-ncourager, from the Barnabas Partnership. Below is just one of the feedbacks we got from one of our readers. Thanks for your comments. It is always good to hear from friends. They make our days!
“Excellent points! I’m passing this along to some of our Sunday School teachers because this week’s lesson is “forgetting what is behind and pushing on to the goal”. These reminders can help us!”
Lord, let me be so kind to drop a note to someone next week to return the favor!