Archive | March, 2013

Poor Amanda – poor us!

Well, she is back in the news again. Amanda Knox has been charged again by the Italian government to come back there and face murder charges. Somehow she can’t seem to shake the bad media either in America or overseas.

She was set free last year and now she may have to relive her ordeal all over. I am just glad to know that you and I are not in the same predicament. Or are we? How quickly we forget that Christ has forgiven us by dying on the cross and set us free only to be placed back under condemnation by our own doubts, fears and uncertainties.

Lord, let us experience again during this Holy Week the power of your forgiveness for today and for our tomorrows.

Waiting for Spring is Hard!

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring. By the way things looked outside earlier this week, I just knew that someone had the wrong month on their calendar! Building a fire in the fireplace last night and crawling under the cover to get warm is not my way of welcoming in the new season.

But I have done everything outside to get ready for a good spring. The weed killer is down, the fertilizer is spread and the mulch for the beds is on the docket to do soon. But I just can’t seem to get out and do what I want in the yard. It has either been too cold or wet to do much except see the grass blades (that are much greener than last year) try to outdo each other. If it ever warms up, I will need a thrasher for the lawn! Forget the push mower!

Waiting is hard! I was reminded this past Friday by a good pastor that this is just what the Lord wants us to do before he blesses us. Don’t forget that this is exactly what the disciples had to do after Easter before the days of Pentecost. History proves that it was worth the wait.

Lord, keep me patient enough not to forget that there is a reason for this waiting season. Good things are coming soon.