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Being more than just President

Last week in Texas there a small glimpse for us to see five Presidents of the United States together at one time. The current president, Barak Obama and his predecessors back to Jimmy Carter were in Dallas to dedicate the Presidential Library for President George W. Bush. Very few times in our country’s history do we have that many Presidents still with us.

Some of the press was wondering what do some of these ex-Presidents do since they served earlier in their life than other older men like Ronald Reagan. Quite a few of them were still engaged in doing good both here in the United States and across the world. They didn’t just
“retire” from their commitment to the world, they are still going.

Lord, help remind me that I may not be a President with all the recognition and resources like they do. But keep me going in doing good for others. There is no retirement from that work!

“B Strong” (the power of two)

You just can’t help but notice this catchy phrase in Boston these days. The “B” is in the shape of the “B” in the Boston Red Sox. The Strong, of course, is for the courage to stand up to the fear of terrorism that consumed that city the past week. It is good to see life getting back to normal in Bean Town.

But did you see the significance of two? There were two people who created havoc in a city. It was not just one person; there were two. Just think of what two people could do if they set their heart in the right direction. They could change a city, too! Lord, help us see the need to not do your work all by ourselves! We need someone else.

The other hint of two is the simple letter “B”, the second letter in the alphabet. We all are “A” someone to another person in this world – parent to child, student to teacher, etc. But you are not really anyone until you “B” someone to somebody else. Sometimes it is good to “B” the second in something. It makes life more complete.

Did you see the other marathons this week?

It was a pure tragedy in Boston Monday. There is not any sense in proving a point or directing your anger to someone or something by using terror to get the message across. The guilty party wanted to have fear direct our lives.

But that is not what I saw after the explosions. Instead I saw another marathon take place. Emergency workers, hospital staff and average citizens were coming to the rescue of those victims. They began another race – one against time. We could safely say that because of them there were not more deaths that day.

We in ministry are also in a lifetime marathon. There are people all along the way in our journey who need help from their spirit’s bleeding caused by sin. Thankful we have members (even when they are hurting) in our churches who come to the rescue when we need their help. We can’t do it without them. The downside to this kind of marathon is that it doesn’t get much PR on Twitter or YouTube. We do it because it is the right thing to do and that God will give us the strength to run the race. Keep the faith and keep running!

Thanks, Roger Ebert – Two Thumbs Up!

It is with sadness this week we hear of the news of the death of Roger Ebert. Along with his partner, Gene Siskel, they broke new ground in the area of movie criticism. When they discussed the merits of movie years ago, people stopped and paid attention to what they said. If the “two thumbs up” was given, you knew the movie must be all right.

A interview clip this week of Roger years ago talking about his start to fame was interesting. He shared with the interviewer that before Siskel and he got the show started there was not any lingo in our society of “two thumbs up.” Their popularity made the phrase stick in what we say now is OK or not.

Isn’t it amazing what the power of having someone with you can do to change the world? Sure could use more of that partnership thinking in our churches these days!