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Is Your Best Team Out There?

The Pro Bowl is done and the big day of the Super Bowl is coming! If you are like, I am looking forward to seeing as many commercials as I do good plays on the field this Sunday. There is just something about all the hype of the game. We seem to not get enough of it from year to year.

Whether or not you picked the players from your fantasy football league to play in the Pro Bowl or saw that the Broncos or Seahawks to be there playing for the championship, it does make you wonder if they really are the best players and teams out there for these occasions. But as much as we try, many times we fail to get the right combination. We want the best of everything.

But as you serve your church and work with your teams, don’t forget the example of Jesus. If I had to choose twelve to be my disciples, you can be assured that these men would not make the cut! They all had pretty significant faults – especially desertion! But Jesus saw something in them that would change the world for the Kingdom of God. Thank goodness, He knew what he was doing!

Maybe you need to look over your teams again as you prepare to serve others. These men and women may not be the most gifted for what you want to get done in your ministry, but God may have other plans for the game of life.

You’re better than the best diamond!

This week in 1905 at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, a 3,106-carat diamond is discovered during a routine inspection by the mine’s superintendent. Weighing 1.33 pounds, and christened the “Cullinan,” it was the largest diamond ever found.

Frederick Wells was 18 feet below the earth’s surface when he spotted a flash of starlight embedded in the wall just above him. His discovery was presented that same afternoon to Sir Thomas Cullinan, who owned the mine. Cullinan then sold the diamond to the Transvaal provincial government, which presented the stone to Britain’s King Edward VII as a birthday gift. Worried that the diamond might be stolen in transit from Africa to London, Edward arranged to send a phony diamond aboard a steamer ship loaded with detectives as a diversionary tactic. While the decoy slowly made its way from Africa on the ship, the Cullinan was sent to England in a plain box.

Aren’t you glad that God made you more precious that this diamond. But be careful about those ordinary people that you minister to that go around like plain boxes this week. They may end up surprising you!

Which knee are you pulling?!

A few years ago I had knee surgery. The recovery went well. There were still a few tender spots but I came around.

In order for me to make progress, I had to be sure that my good leg was leading the way for the damaged one. It’s not that the sore leg didn’t want to go, it just needed some help. Because my good leg took the time to help the other one along, I got stronger and was able to do what I need to do.

What I have noticed is that there is some spiritual truth to the strong helping the weak. We need each other because who knows one day that other knee may go out and it needs some help. As we celebrate the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. next week, keep in mind he had a good role model in Christ to make us all take care of each other. Are you doing your part in the pulling?

Enjoy the ride!

The season of college football is now over and basketball is taking center court. For those of us living in the East, football is OK. But when it comes down to basketball, we get dead serious! There is a reason they call it March Madness in spring!

Even the famous Harlem Globetrotters started out as contenders! They played their first game in Hinckley, Illinois this week in 1927. They were on a mission to become great with their basketball skills. It wasn’t until the game was out of reach by their opponents that they began to entertain the crowd with their antics. What they discovered was that there was more to the game than just winning. It was enjoying the experience! Their success was in the fun and not the race to being #1. By the way, they didn’t play in Harlem, New York until 1968!

Today work at being the best you can be. But don’t let your drive make you go mad! Enjoy the ride as you go. Jesus reminded us that what good is it if a man gains the whole world but forfeits his soul? (Matthew 16:24 NIV)

Don’t Settle for the Everyday!

One of the greatest inventors in history did not always get his ideas off the ground.

This week in 1496 Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tested a flying machine. He probably put a great deal of time and effort in figuring out how to be the first person to soar as birds. But it just wasn’t his week. As brilliant as he was, he did not see in his lifetime when man actually would fly in the sky. Yet this setback did not stop him from following other dreams and solving other problems. Our world owes a great deal to this man for his many other contributions.

Another great man in history, the apostle Paul, wrote to the Galatians in the New Testament about not giving up either. He encouraged them not to “become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (6:9 NIV) He knew that we all have something to contribute to the world. But these things won’t take off if we don’t try.

As you begin the year, don’t settle for the everyday things in life. The world is waiting for you to make a difference.