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Madness or Ministry?

The 2014 Winter Olympics are in the books now. March Madness is almost upon on us! I don’t think that Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, saw it coming. The talk of basketball will dominate our lives for weeks to come. But what an interesting week this was back in 1987 for professional basketball! Michael Jackson scored 58 points in a game. It stands as a Chicago record. But the same night the NBA Washington team blocked 20 shots that the Indiana team tried to send up to the basket. That tied a NBA regulation game record.

The genius of this game knew that you can have a star player, but you also need a team. One player can’t do it all. If we go back and check the records for that night in Chicago, Michael had help even with that many points. Even a sub-par professional team could beat Chicago if Michael scored the only points for the team that night. Michael got a record for a team. Washington got one for the league!

Team is important in basketball and ministry. Be sure to let someone else have some fun with you! You will find that it makes for a stronger group in the long run. Don’t try to do it all by yourself or you will have another kind of madness on your hands!

Go Burst Some Bubbles Today!

Little David had hoped that this week would not come in 1984. David was a special child that was born with no immune system. Therefore, he had to spend his entire life in a plastic bubble away from anyone with germs. Any little micro-organism would be deadly. In order to love him, his parents and other care givers had to be separated by a thin layer of plastic. All the valiant efforts of everyone could not stop death from coming to him at age 12.

He has a story to tell us today. We know of too many people who join a church or go into ministry to be insulated by worldly problems. They feel that if they could just find a way to escape from the wiles of the Devil that their world would be just fine. Mankind has been doing this escapism for centuries. Jesus knew too many religious people in his time that wanted to live that kind of life. His advice went something like this, “If you want to really live, get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t, you will die sooner rather than later.”

Go out then and burst some bubbles today!

Don’t Give Up! The Game Isn’t Over Yet!

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks! The “Legion of Boom” put on a show of how to play football! Their accomplishments on the field were amazing!

Now that the confetti has stopped flying and all the winning players trips to Disney World have been planned, the Denver Broncos have to come to terms with what happened. With their dreams for this season dashed, the whatifs now come to haunt their memories. What if we had played this way? What if we had a different coverage? What if we didn’t start the game off with a safety?

There were a group of men over 2000 years ago who felt the same way. They had big dreams of following the Messiah only to see him hang on a cross like a common criminal. Their visions of a grand Isreal with them on the winning side had all but disappeared. They had a lot of whatifs as well!

But God had other plans. They remained faithful in waiting and were present at the grand occasion of Pentecost! I believe that day could have topped any Super Bowl!

When you come down with the “whatifs”, just remember that the Game isn’t over yet! Be patient. He has something else in store for you.