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You May Be Closer Than You Think!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again! How many of us have heard that said to us or we have given this advice to others. It really was evident back in 1776. This week the delegates meeting in Philadelphia voted for the first time on the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. But the final version didn’t go through until three days later.

As Americans begin to celebrate the Fourth of July activities, the focus has been on fun and time away from work or on vacation. Very little emphasis is now on the history part. In our world of “immediate”, we have forgotten that important matters like freedom did not just happen. Things that are valuable take time, patience and compromise to reach the desired goal.

When you see a glimpse of the end result of something in your ministry role today, don’t give up. Find the common ground and keep going. You may be closer than you think to something BIG!

Being #1 May Not Make Much of a Difference

Sometimes being first in something is not really all it is cracked up to be! You may get the recognition but that may be about it. That was the case in 1951 this week. CBS-TV carried a four hour long commercial program that was seen in color for the first time. It was broadcast in New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston.

The only problem with it was that most of the public did not have any color televisions yet. Even CBS only had three dozen sets themselves. But it was a first just the same! Thank goodness that there are a few more color sets around these days!

When you hear of someone doing so good and being first, pay closer to attention to how they arrived there. It may not be worth getting excited or stirred up about. This may remind you there are times that “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.” Try to refocus your vision and get you in tune with what God wants from you. Being #1 is not always the best place to be in the Kingdom.

A Good Game Plan

The buzz in sports this week is all about professional basketball and hockey championships or the loss of another Triple Crown contender. But Americans still love the game of football. One of the best football coaches that ever lived began his life this week in 1913. It is none other than the great Vince Lombardi. You can’t say the Green Bay Packers without mentioning him.

He not only won games in his life, but he also influenced young men for ages to come. Some of his quotes are below.

“Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate”
“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.”

Maybe he got some good advice from another well- known coach of Nazareth. Christ seemed to be more concerned about what was inside the person than what they could do on the outside. He also knew that His kingdom rested on not just him. He spent time with people especially his disciples. Maybe today would be a good time to channel your energy in looking inside a person and getting them to win together with you. That’s a good game plan for success!

Step Up to the Plate and Swing!

America’s pastime of baseball is in the air. Some of you have already attended a major or minor league game. The smell of hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts is a sure sign you are at the ballpark. The nation has taken to this game for over 125 years. There is just something about watching this game on a summer day.

Back in 1888 this week the San Francisco Examiner joined in the fun by publishing the now famous poem, Casey at the Bat. At first it didn’t get any real publicity. But it didn’t take long! Today we may not remember the whole poem, but we do know that there is no joy in Mudville because Might Casey has struck out!

When you are called on today to “step up to the plate” and do your work, don’t be like Casey. He let two perfect pitches go by before he swung at the ball. That shortened his chances to do anything by the time the third ball was hurled by him. Don’t let opportunities whiz by you. Chances are they won’t be coming back. Make the most of what comes your way.