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So How Is Your Family?

Television has used the theme of families over and over again. From the vintage episodes of the Cleavers to today’s Black-ish, TV moguls want to tap into that energy to get us to watch their shows. There is just something about each one of us relating our lives to those families on the small screen.

This week back in 1971, CBS debuted the classic and groundbreaking show, All in the Family. It was like no other family show before. It brought to light all the things we don’t care to discuss with our families and yet we laughed with the characters week after week.

Those actors may have hit on a nerve that we could use today in our church families. As you minister to your congregation, don’t be shocked at what you hear coming from their homes! But also know that with all this tension that exists that somehow families can still care for each other – warts and all. Don’t forget that we are all in God’s family. He puts up with us, too! Maybe we just need to be a bit more patient with our other brothers and sisters. We might even find time to laugh!

We’re Not Just Talkin’ Peanuts Now!

This week in 1943 the country lost a great soul. George Washington Carver. The famous black scientist died at 81 years of age. He found over 300 uses for peanuts and many other plants. The “Plant Doctor” also rescued Southern farmers by introducing the concept of crop rotation so that their soil would be usable year after year.

But if you were to ask him, George would have said it is not about him but about what God gave him so that he could help the world. He had his priorities in order. He found more riches than what the world could give him. It is fitting on his epitaph that you read these words: “He could have added fortune to fame, but carried for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world.”

Thousands of years before Carver lived, Jesus shared with the world that seeking God’s kingdom first was the most important. All the other things in life will fall into place (Matthew 6:33). Find some time this year to readjust your outlook on life. Joy is not found in things. It is in touching peoples’ lives!