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Don’t Have a Black Sunday!

If you were still living in the panhandles of Texas or Oklahoma this week back in 1935, your Sunday would have started out somewhat normal. Of course, you were tired of all the wind blowing and the dust or sand everywhere. Yet that Sunday began with the birds singing and the sun shining. However, by the end of the day you had experienced one of the worst sand storms in our country’s history. It was called Black Sunday. Day turned into night. Confusion was rampant everywhere. After this day this area along with parts of Kansas and Colorado would be labeled the Dust Bowl. These storms became so bad that later on in the month dust from this region reached places like Washington D.C. and New York City.

Because of bad farming practices and record dry weather the countryside that was lush in the 1920’s now became a barren wasteland. Researchers have estimated that over 100 million acres of farmland were lost to these storms the year before Black Sunday. My mother shared with us that when our grandmother saw these storms coming that she would soak bed sheets in water and then put them up in the window to catch the dust so that the air could come through and the dust be stuck in the sheets. And the family was at least 200 miles away from the epicenter of the Dust Bowl! She just didn’t want the farm in her house!

We can learn a few things from Black Sunday. Don’t let yourself be so worn down due to the strains of life. Find time to renew your body and soul. Get out and enjoy God’s creation or slow down and catch up on some spiritual devotion. Much like the Earth in this part of the country needed re-nourishment, you do as well. Be careful to not let the pressures of this world blow you away!

Get Out Of Your Box! God Did!

One of the most interesting men of the 20th century passed away this week in 1959. Some of his work is still around. The mark he left on our society was in the form of buildings. He definitely changed architectural thinking. This person was none other than Frank Lloyd Wright.

He enjoyed getting out of the “box”. People may not have rushed to his work early on in his career, but what he did was unique. In time he had his own design and some folks began to understand the logic in what he did.

You may be afraid of getting out of your “box”. Let God’s example of the Easter resurrection be your guide of doing things in an unconventional way. Just don’t let your uniqueness go to waste. Find ways this week to use what God has given you to lay new foundations for his Kingdom. People may not understand but the Master Builder does!