Ministry Calendar

2019 Ministry Calendar

September 12 – Spring 2020 Cluster Planning Session, Danville, Virginia (Hosted by Steve Zimmerman)

August 22 – Spring 2020 Cluster Planning Session, New Bern, North Carolina (Hosted by John Daniels and Steve Zimmerman)

August 21 – Spring 2020 Cluster Planning Session, Raleigh, North Carolina (Hosted by Jerry Chiles and Steve Zimmerman)

August 17 – Partner with the Raleigh Baptist Association for Training Extravaganza (Encouragement Level)

  • John Daniels, Jerry Chiles and Steve Zimmerman to facilitate some workshops.

August 15 – Spring 2020 Cluster Planning Session, Dunn, North Carolina (Hosted by Cathy Hopkins and Steve Zimmerman)

June 2 – Steve Zimmerman began interim pastor role at Greenpond Baptist Church, Chatham, Virginia (Focus Level)

June 1 – Paul Raybon started a six month discovery and discernment process with Providence Baptist Church, Hendersonville, North Carolina (Focus Level)

April 28 – Steve Zimmerman concluded 15 month interim pastor role at State Line Baptist Church, Danville, Virginia (Focus Level)

March 23 – Steve Zimmerman conducted a Sunday School Leadership Training event for First Baptist Church, New Bern, North Carolina    (Encouragement Level)

March 16 – Steve Zimmerman facilitated the ReShape conference for 10 Southside Virginia churches (Cluster Level)

January 1 – Paul Raybon continued discernment process from Spring 2018 with First Baptist Church, Black Mountain, North Carolina (Focus Level)