The Barnabas Partnership Story

Our world is in a constant state of change – so is the church. Some churches are experiencing new people coming. Other churches are going through transitions. What may be comfortable yesterday is not anymore!  

Ministering to these people in the name of Christ is also in flux. What was a given years ago may no longer be valid or in existence. How can change take place that will make a positive difference in people’s lives?  

In 2009 Steve Zimmerman saw these shifts take place and had a dream of using a new approach to help churches meet this challenge. He came to realize in his years of church ministry and his exposure to teaching as an adjunct professor that there was a way of merging these two vocations into a new ministry. By that fall, the Barnabas Partnership was born. 

Early on his approach was to stay within a day’s drive from his home and be a resource to churches. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that other qualified church ministers were out there who shared his vision and were much closer to and knew the churches in their areas better than he did. Thus, a partnership within a partnership began to emerge. Over the years there have been over a dozen ministers who have served as a partner in some capacity with each one bringing their own unique ministry tools that will help churches become more effective. You can get to know more about our present partners by reading some of their thoughts in our newsletter, the E-ncourager. 

Whether it is Steve or another qualified partner, we serve to be your Barnabas on your ministry journey. 

Call on us today! 

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