Below are ten ministries that we provide for your church. Following a brief description of that service are the suggested names of partners you can contact for further information about this ministry need for your church.

Children, Youth and Families

This service focuses on not only children and/or youth but their families as well. The whole family is needed to make an effective ministry to these age groups. For more information contact Cathy Hopkins for families with children and Joe Sinclair for families with youth.

Church Business Matters

The world of doing church has changed drastically over the years. Being sure you are up on all the business practices and resources for your church is crucial! To find out more about this service call on Paul Raybon or John Daniels.


One of the most pressing needs of today’s church is developing ways for everyone in church to follow Christ.  Steve Zimmerman or Jerry Chiles can help you get started on this journey.

Lay Leadership

Getting the laity involved in the work of the church is a challenge. Making sure that they know how they fit in and how they can thrive is a must! Contact Jerry Chiles or Steve Zimmerman for more information.

Ministerial Coaching

If the minister helps the congregation, who helps the minister? Those who help are sometimes the ones who need as much support as the people they are serving. Larry Glover-Wetherington can guide you to be a more effective minister.

Ministerial Staff Training

Your staff is growing or you are looking at enhancing their work in the church. You now need that outside person to give you a clearer perspective or newer insights to make your team go from good to great! John Daniels or Paul Raybon would be glad to talk to you about this crucial aspect of ministry.

Missional Strategy/Evangelism and Community Partnerships

Sharing the Good News of the Gospel and your church’s unique mission in your community is daunting! The old techniques don’t work. Jerry Chiles can get you started on a new path. He will let you see that you are not alone and how to join others in reaching your potential in this key aspect of church growth

Pulpit Supply

Still can’t find that person to preach for you Sunday? Steve Zimmerman and Larry Glover-Wetherington are available to fill that gap!  This may be a good way to introduce the work of the partnership if you are thinking about using us later in your church ministry.


No church today should be without a great social media imprint. Joe Sinclair would be glad to visit with you about what you can do to better reach and teach your church’s online audience.

Vision Coaching

You are ready to take the next step and see what God has in store for your church. Before you tackle those far reaching plans, you need to get a good idea of what to do in the next six months or year. A good start will set the tone for greater things to come! Paul Raybon, Jerry Chiles or Larry Glover-Wetherington stand prepared to start you on your unique journey.