It’s Time to Plant!

By: Rev. Steve Zimmerman Other than the pollen, spring is a beautiful time of the year. In our front yard, color abounds! We now have white azaleas, red camellia blooms, royal purple and navy-blue irises, along with bright yellow and pink knockout roses that are just itching to bloom. Next month we will experience orange …

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Can We Go Now?

In one of my former lives as a children’s minister, I had the “joy” of corralling young urchins while we waited for their parents to pick them up. Their patience was about as good as a gnat. But to keep them safe from strangers, an adult had to be there until one or both parents …

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A Twist on E=mc2 for Your Church

So how does your church get the energy it needs from God? Many churches have fallen into the trap that if we are actively doing good things it must be God’s will.  Busyness or goodness doesn’t equal spiritual energy. It must come from a different more focused and sustainable source. In order for your church …

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